Knauf Firewin

OC Pivovar Děčín

Czech Republic, Děčín
Building type
Public building

Václav Hlaváček

The project OC Pivovar Děčín was planned as a multifunctional shopping center.

It extends over a total area of over 22 000 m. The center is situated near the long-standing local brewery in the Podmokly district, Czech Republic.

The goal was to create a modern shopping center while keeping the historical parts of the brewery intact, masterfully combining modern architecture and elements of the brewery, which dates back to the 17th century.

Because it is a public building, it was important to insure high fire safety, high speed structure assembly and a reduction in the overall price.

In the building process, there were higher demands for fire resistance in the attic of the building, therefore Knauf RED fire-resistant gypsum boards were used to provide fire protection. Additionally, Knauf White (GKB) standard gypsum boards and Knauf Green (GKBI) moisture, mold and mildew resistant gypsum plasterboard panels were used as dividers between shopping units. The main criterion for selecting these boards was the requirement for a 100% certified, high quality system and high-precision work.
Because there was a requirement for high assembly speed and cost reduction, Knauf Massivbauplatte 25 mm gypsum boards were used in some cases. This type of Knauf plasterboard is suitable for rooms with higher relative humidity while also guaranteeing fire protection, which is important in public buildings such as the OC Pivovar Děčín multifunctional center. The gypsum boards were used as part of the Knauf W353 drywall system, which was supplemented with the Knauf Uniflott gypsum filler.
Additional fire protection in the vaulted rooms was achieved by using Knauf Vermiplaster - the fire protection gypsum plaster, which is part of the Knauf passive fire protection system. The purpose was to increase the fire resistance by 30 minutes in technical rooms that hold machines and equipment vitally important for the operation of the shopping center.

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