Knauf Firewin

Military hospital Olomouc

Czech Republic, Olomouc
Building type
Public building

Highest possible fire resistance, application speed and cost savings. These were the basic requirements the investor had. The fire protection plaster Knauf Vermiplaster has fulfilled these requirements.

During the reconstruction of the Olomouc military hospital, Knauf Vermiplaster was chosen to insure fire protection of the historical complex. Knauf Vermiplaster is a gypsum-based plaster that is applied by spraying and is designed for fire protection, especially for steel beams and ceilings, slabs of trapezoidal sheet and concrete, reinforced concrete and non-bearing walls, ceilings, columns and beams. In the event of a fire, the plaster has the task of securing the load-bearing capacity of the structural elements for a certain time. The range of fire resistance ranges from 30 to 120 minutes for steel and steel-concrete composite structures and up to 180 minutes for reinforced concrete structures. The main reason for choosing this plaster is the rate of application, which is done mechanically. The workflow is so much faster than, for example, in laying beams with fire-resistant plates. At the same time, this technology is also significantly cheaper.

Because it is a gypsum plaster, it is designed exclusively for interior use. It perfectly adheres to concrete and steel, and is not subject to degradation. The life expectancy of the plaster is 25 years, which has been determined according to the European Technical Assessments. Easily applied by using a PFT G4 spraying machine, this lightweight, high-density plaster is especially suited for  complex shapes.

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