Knauf Firewin

Hungarian State Opera Budapest

Budapest, Magyarország
Building type
Public building

Czakó ltd.

Replacement and Complete Renovation of Hungarian State Opera's Stage Technology. A nearly HUF 10 billion project to modernize the Hungarian State Opera seating an audience of 1,200 and covering a total of 24 000 sqm floor area. The project also includes significant upgrades and reconstruction of both public and technical areas. Stage technology upgrades alone will cost nearly HUF 7 billion.
Renovation period: 2015 - 2019

The interior gypsum plaster, specially developed for passive fire protection, is ideal for steel and reinforced concrete beams and joists, reinforced concrete ceilings and walls, as well as composite concrete and steel with trapezoidal steel sheets. There are many possible applications. For example, Knauf Vermiplaster can be used for production of medicinal products and warehouses; office buildings to protect the support structures and ceilings; shopping centers without hanging ceilings to protect the support elements; or to carry out reconstruction work to protect the additional support.


  • Steel beams and columns and trapezoid sheet metal with concrete
  • Requirements of Fire protection: REI 90
  • Plaster thickness:  21 mm

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