Knauf Firewin


Czech Republic, Prague
Building type
Office building

Cigler Marani Architects

The goal of the Aviatica project was to create a modern, environmentally-friendly administrative building with organic architecture and great accessibility. The building has a total capacity of 27,000 sqm gross leasable areas for modern office spaces of A-class standard.  The top-class architecture and high standard of quality aims to satisfy all aspects of modern life.

The Aviatica administrative center, completed in 2015, is characterized by rounded shapes and creates a feeling of lightness and freedom, which corresponds with the name of the building. Aviatica has been awarded two main awards - The Best Building and The Best Administrative Building of The Year 2015 at the prominent Central and Eastern European Real Estate Quality Awards competition.
The main functional parameters of a public building of this type are fire safety, sound insulation and sound absorption, to insure a safe and pleasant working environment for the tenants and visitors.
The Knauf drywall system W353, which meets the requirements of the RC3 protection class, was used for the construction of the premises. Moreover, Knauf Massivbauplatte 25 mm plasterboard was used to dry-line the corridor walls, thus insuring fire safety and sound insulation.
The entire building is interwoven with fire safety constructions because fire protection is essential for a public building. Apart from the Knauf drywall constructions, another fire safety solution consisted of mineral wool insulation used above the ceiling.
To conclude, Aviatica administrative center is a great example of fire safety solution for a public building. Knauf offers several fire protection and fire safety solutions, and the client can choose the most suitable one.

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