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What makes a good fire safety strategy?



What makes a good fire safety strategy?

In this day and age, we often see innovative building designs and ambitious construction projects that challenge the ideas of architects and engineers as they require to strictly follow the appropriate building codes and fire safety regulations. Therefore, at the starting phase of the project, timely planning and involvement of a fire safety specialist is very important. If the fire safety matters are postponed to the final stages of the construction phase or the fire safety strategy is poorly executed, it may compromise building’s safety and result in more expensive fire safety solutions, project delays and increased building costs.
A skilled fire protection professional will provide useful recommendations on product systems and their applications as well as inform about new technical solutions available on the market. Such specialist can also provide useful product demonstrations, including correct application, and suggest the best solutions for your project specifically.

Good fire protection strategy

Every fire safety strategy is specifically tailored for each individual building, and it should be applied simultaneously with the building’s initial development.
A good fire protection strategy covers:

• Firefighting equipment
• Fire alarms and emergency lighting
• Evacuation routes and exits
• Fire rating of walls, doors, floors, and structure
• External fire spread potential probabilities
• Internal fire spread potential probabilities
• Facilities for the fire brigade

Fire protection strategy should also include all the fire engineering details, measures and reports that have been used in the project so that the building’s fire safety remains effective at all times, is always current and always satisfies all the regulatory requirements.

Knauf FireWin – reliable fire protection strategy

Choosing a fire protection product system from a single manufacturer is an excellent way to ensure product compatibility with each another.
The FireWin System follows strict requirements for passive fire protection so that you can feel secure and confident in your planning and processing phases, and so that building owners and occupants can feel safe.
The FireWin System is conveniently compatible with all the other Knauf products, making the whole construction process significantly easier already from the planning stage right up to the finished fire-safe structure.

Trust your project’s fire safety strategy and execution to Knauf FireWin specialists! We will find the best, most suitable products and services for your project!

Trust Knauf. Feel safe.

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