Knauf Firewin

Welcome to the Knauf FireWin product and system catalog!



Welcome to the Knauf FireWin product and system catalog!

We have developed an extensive catalog on passive fire safety solutions, which includes information on all Knauf materials that are classified as fire safety materials. We have also compiled (the majority of) Knauf systems and supplemented them with the latest document (and certificate) base.

The catalog provides the following information:

• Product description;
• Application;
• Technical data;
• Suitable for systems;
• Order information;
• Storage information;
• Systems;
• Properties;
• Supporting constructions;
• Installation Instructions.

This is an essential material for all our clients, since the catalog will help you choose the most appropriate fire safety solutions for your projects and ensure the highest level of passive fire safety for buildings.

The catalog is digital, which enables you to access it from anywhere and acquire information efficiently.

Look the catalog HERE

Trust the quality of Knauf FireWin system and keep fire safety in mind while creating!

Trust KNAUF, feel SAFE.

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