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Video instructions as support for Knauf FireWin product application and assembly



Video instructions as support for Knauf FireWin product application and assembly

For some time now we’ve been looking at Knauf FireWin system products, their necessity, application and benefits. Continuing the series of articles, Knauf wants to draw your attention to the correct application and assembly of our products, so that each one fulfills its function, and protects us from fire hazards.

Fire-safe buildings need construction materials and products to be approved, installed and maintained responsibly and in accordance with all regulations. In this article our focus is on the installation process, which, if done correctly, will ensure the product’s protection in case of fire; and if used inappropriately, will render the products ineffective.

Our fire safety team at the Knauf Academy tests and works with a wide range of products and materials for fire resistance, including steel protection materials, gypsum boards, fire-resistant foam, silicone, paints, and collars. Knauf provides wide range of informative materials. You can get tips, instructions and information via various information channels and social media. On the Knauf FireWin Youtube channel you can see how to properly use, for example, Knauf Fire protection foam – FPF, or how to install Knauf Firestop Block FPB. We invite you to learn from our video materials about the application and installation process of each material and product! Subscribe to our Youtube channel and our newsletter at the bottom of this page, to always be informed about news and upcoming videos. Find out what's new and be safe!

For more information and technical solutions, contact Knauf fire safety specialists. Trust in Knauf FireWin system quality and build with fire protection in mind!

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