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Vermiplaster – a fire protection solution



Vermiplaster – a fire protection solution

The Austrian regional food supermarket chain MPreis is mostly represented in Tirol. The newly opened MPreis store in Innsbruck, which was added to the supermarket chain in mid-October, is one of 250 stores with a distinct and individual architectural design. The new store stands out from all the rest with its unique shopping atmosphere and its attitude towards safety.
The ceilings are rendered with a fire protection plaster Knauf Vermiplaster, thus creating a modern, design-oriented aura and a safe atmosphere. MPreis supermarkets are often used as a communication platform and a meeting place, in which both the clients and employees feel equally cozy.

Render without compromises

In a place where quality and sustainability play a decisive role, no compromises are allowed. "Providing a pleasant environment for employees and enabling an enjoyable and unhindered shopping experience is an absolute priority," explains Ingrid Heinz, the spokeswoman for MPreis. „A flexible and efficient rendering technique, which optically meets the store’s criteria, is especially important to us, ” adds Heinz. In the new MPreis branch office on Museum Str. 20, which saw its grand opening in mid-October, a new type of ceiling is explored. The concrete ceiling was rendered with a gypsum-based fire protection plaster Knauf Vermiplaster. It was developed especially for passive fire safety of the interior. Knauf Vermiplaster ensures the bearing capacity of the rendered structure in the event of a fire, with a 90 minute fire resistance. The company Bugla Bau applied eight tons of Knauf fireproof plaster Vermiplaster in three days, finishing up with mineral paints.

The finished surface of Knauf Vermiplaster is untreated.  "If necessary, the surface can be evened out," explains the Tirol and Vorarlberg Knauf sales representative Norbert Springer. Ivica Glavic from Bugla Bau is delighted by this new material: „Working with Knauf Vermiplaster is extremely easy and fast, it forms good acoustics, it’s economical and it creates an interesting ceiling design”.
Knauf Vermiplaster – the right choice for passive fire safety protection of supermarket  constructions.

Sign board construction

Customer: MPreis Warenvertriebs GmbH
Architect:  Rainer Köberl, Maria Theresien-Straße 10/3, 6020 Innsbruck,
Construction company:  Bugla Bau GmbH, SOHO 2, Grabenweg 68, 6020 Innsbruck
Year of construction:  2016
Photographer: Peter Kubelka

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