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Pipe insulation and protection



Pipe insulation and protection

In this blog you will find out:

WHY do we need to insulate?
The pipe diversity and protection.
What are the advantages of Knauf Firecollar?

WHY do we need to insulate?

A pipe that is not protected properly is a real threat to the building and most importantly – the people who use it. Knauf FireWin knows that pipe insulation and protection drastically reduce the safety hazards that occur if the pipes cross any high temperature surfaces – walls, furnaces, or open spaces with extra high inside temperature. Experiments and research have showed that the fire growth rate varies significantly, depending on the fire stopping insulation installation conditions. What can we do to make sure that the pipes are safe? Determine the type of pipe and protect it accordingly with Knauf FireWin materials.

The pipe diversity and protection

There are different types of pipes used for different purposes. Then two main categories are metallic or non-metallic pipes (e.g. plastic), but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The division is wide, but the most important information you can find on the pipe itself, in store or in the accompanying documentation. The pipe protective insulations are manufactured in different forms to fit specific needs and functions. When you have determined the type of pipe that you have on hand, you can find the suitable insulation that would fit the certain pipe.

The most widely used pipe fire stopping and sealing products are:

• Firecollars
• Firewraps
• Sealants
• Putties
• Foams 
• Mortars
• Coated mineral wool boards

If necessary, these forms of insulation can be matched and mixed according to the specification of the project. Sometimes all it takes is one highest quality solution to reach the best results. To make it easier for you - let’s take the Knauf Firecollar for example.

What are the advantages of Knauf Firecollar?

So – what is Knauf Firecollar and why is it a great choice for pipe protection? Firecollar is a pipe closure device, used to form penetration seals where combustible pipes, cables and metal pipes with insulation penetrate walls and floors.

The Knauf Firecollar stands out because it is:

• Classified for all types of constructions
• Certified for cables and all types of plastic pipes, single and bundles, including PVC-U, PVC-C, PE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, ABS, SAN+PVC and PP
• Fire rated up to EI 240
• Tested and certified for U/U pipe end applications
• Tested ”oversized”, i.e the internal Ø of the collar can be larger than the pipe.

You can find this information when opening the product in the web page and get to know much more about it in the documentation section as well. Find out more about Knauf Firecollar here:

If you would like to learn more about the installation of the Knauf Firecollar, make sure you check-out this blog post, dedicated to installation:

Knauf FireWin can support you in finding the right kinds of insulation for your specific need – our products are specifically designed to fit every case with its wide variety of sizes, specification, and types of materials. It is important to note that every Knauf FireWin product is certified to be used in the European Union, so there is no doubt in their high quality and correspondence to local laws.

In the coming blogs you will find out what different numbers and letters (e.g. U/U or EI 240) in the Knauf Firecollar list of advantages mean. Stay tuned!

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