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We can’t completely prevent fires from starting – but what we can do is provide innovative systems that will prevent the spread of fire until it is extinguished or it stops due to lack of oxygen or fuel. Knauf FireWin is a system of fire protection solutions that will ensure powerful fire protection. 

This year we are proud to announce that a wide range of products has been added to our FireWin system. These materials are effective as well as easy and fast to work with. It requires less products and application time to do more - one product, one solution. Implement the new FireWin products to reach your fire protection goals faster and more efficiently!

The products are divided into two groups: Penetration Seals and Linear Joint Gap Seals. We invite you to learn more about such products as Knauf FPC Panel, Knauf FPA Acrylic, Knauf Firewrap, Knauf FP PUTTY CORD or Knauf Firecollar in our upcoming articles. These are a few of our new products all of which are environmentally friendly (including corresponding certificates), compatible and easy to work with. Our products and materials ensure an optimal micro-climate indoors, which is not only important for fire protection, but also for nature, our health and comfort. Many of these products function as sound insulation in addition to providing fire protection.

According to the one stop shop principle, Knauf provides a wide range of compatible products, fast delivery, and the services of competent and experienced fire protection specialists.

The company uses the most suitable materials and solutions and pays great attention to documentation, tests and systems of each object, to ensure that clients’ construction objects comply with all fire safety standards both on paper and in reality.

When safety is your priority you have to choose the right products.
For more information and technical solutions please contact Knauf fire safety specialists. Trust in Knauf FireWin system quality and build with fire protection in mind!

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