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Knauf Fire Protection Graphite – FPG –  best solution for fire rated walls and floors.



Knauf Fire Protection Graphite – FPG – best solution for fire rated walls and floors.

Knauf FireWin keeps fire safety in mind, so in this article we want to introduce you to the Knauf Fire Protection Graphite – FPG.

Knauf Fire Protection Graphite is a high specification formulation designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases through openings in fire rated walls and floors. Knauf Fire Protection Graphite expands when it is subjected to fire and closes openings around penetrations when any combustible or low temperature melting materials have burnt away.
It is highly expendable and designed for difficult cases, when fire rated mastics do not achieve necessary results, for example places with large plastic pipes.
Knauf Fire Protection Graphite can be used with a suitable filling material, i.e. stone wool or backing material in order to ensure correct width to depth ratio and to reduce the shrinking of the sealant during curing.
Minimum depth and maximum width of the joints are included in the installation instructions. Thermal activation takes place at 150°C when the material will expand to prevent the passage of fire and smoke for periods up to 4 hours.

Installation Guide

  1. Before installing Knauf Fire Protection Graphite ensure that the surface of all service penetrations and surrounding construction is free from all loose contaminants, dust and grease.
  2. As Knauf Fire Protection Graphite is water based, in cases where corrosion protection is a problem; some metals may require a barrier between the sealant and the metal surface prior to this installation.
  3. When installing any backing material, cut this slightly oversize and insert into the gap ensuring a tight friction fit. Ensure correct depth is achieved.
  4. Fill the gap or joint with Knauf Fire Protection Graphite to the required depth. Refer to the drawings on following pages for guidance on joint design/dimensions.
  5. Apply the sealant generously avoiding air bubbles. Finish the bead with a moist spatula or pallet knife. Avoid excessive tooling/smoothing as this may make the seal surface wet and soft.
  6. Knauf Fire Protection Graphite can be over-painted with most emulsion or alkyd (gloss) paints.


• Classified in most constructions for plastic pipes and cables
• Easy to apply
• Movement capability up to 12.5%
• No priming necessary for application to most materials
• 30 years working life
• Minimum 12 months storage time
• High sound insulation
• Certified according to ETA 18/0922
• EAD 350454-00-1104

Considering the benefits of the product, ease of use and its effectiveness, it’s worth considering Knauf Fire Protection Graphite – FPG for the fire protection in your building.

For more information and technical solutions please contact Knauf fire safety specialists. Trust in Knauf FireWin system quality and build with fire protection in mind!

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