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Elevating Fire Safety with Knauf FirePaint Lite: An In-Depth Exploration



Elevating Fire Safety with Knauf FirePaint Lite: An In-Depth Exploration

In the dynamic realm of construction and safety, advancements in fire protection systems are pivotal to ensuring the safety of occupants and preserving valuable structures. Meet Knauf FirePaint Lite, an advanced intumescent coating designed for internal structural steelwork, offering a dependable and efficient solution in the field of fire safety. This is the newest add-on in our now fully equipped fire safe solution system, which ensures that you can get all products neccessary for fire proofing in one place – at Knauf FireWin!

Harnessing the Potential of Fire-Resistant Painting:
The concept behind Knauf FirePaint Lite is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful – if you can wield a brush, you can also wield fire-retardant protection. This innovative product not only deters the initiation of fire but also substantially hinders its spread. This delay is critical, providing crucial time for rescue operations and firefighting endeavors, ultimately minimizing potential harm.

Key Characteristics of Knauf FirePaint Lite:

  1. Intumescent Shield: Knauf FirePaint Lite metamorphoses into a dense, finely-pored foam layer when confronted with fire. This layer serves as a formidable barrier, effectively slowing down or thwarting the advancement of flames.
  2. Waterborne and Halogen-Free Formulation: The paint is formulated to be waterborne and free of halogen, aligning with contemporary environmental standards and safety prerequisites.
  3. Versatile Application: Whether applied through a roller, brush, or airless sprayer, Knauf FirePaint Lite affords flexibility in its application. Nevertheless, the recommendation leans towards airless spray, especially when utilizing an in-line heater/heated hose in colder environmental conditions.
  4. Humidity Considerations and Washability: In environments marked by high humidity (RH > 75%) or when seeking a washable surface, Knauf FirePaint Lite can be shielded with an approved top coat, ensuring adaptability to diverse conditions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Consistency: Viscous
  • Non-volatile Content: 68%
  • Ignition Point: Non-combustible
  • Density: 1.4
  • Coating Thickness: 2000 g/m2 = 1440 um when wet, and 980 um when dry.
  • Dilution: No need for thinning
  • Cleansing: Water
  • Storage Life: 12 months for unopened packaging

Application Guidelines:
To maximize efficacy, specific conditions must be met during the application of Knauf FirePaint Lite:

  1. Ensure the steel surface temperature ranges between +5°C and +35°C.
  2. The surface must be meticulously cleansed and dried, eliminating any traces of rust, dust, oil, grease, or loose materials.
  3. Verify compatibility with any previously applied products before initiating the application process.

Application Environment:

  • Air Temperature Range: Between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Relative Humidity: Maintained between 20% to 85%.
  • Safeguarding Measures: Shield against direct wetting, moisture, windblown rain, and water pooling during the application and drying phases.

Knauf FirePaint Lite serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication to fire safety and the systems Knauf FireWin provides. By combining the right knowledge, appropriate equipment, and products of premium quality, it yields outstanding outcomes in the realm of fire protection. Opting for Knauf FirePaint Lite not only ensures superior architectural finishes but also provides peace of mind in safeguarding internal structural steelwork.

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