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5 critical things to note when selecting fire protection solutions


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5 critical things to note when selecting fire protection solutions

1. Quality and reliability of the product

Reliable fire protection is a question of quality. Dependability is the key to insure successful fire safety using any type of materials. Fire protection system components must be listed for their utilization. Moreover, design and installation standards will aid you aid at explaining where the products are appropriate to use. In addition, inspections and tests carried out with the product enhance the likelihood of proper performance, and regular maintenance enhances reliability. To guarantee the best efficiency, choose fire protection products that have been certified and examined by 3rd party independent institutions and supplied by a reliable manufacturer with regular production audit.

2. Range of fire protection solutions vs. one product

When choosing fire protection for your project, it’s critical to use a range of fire protection solutions and not just one product. This is crucial to ensure all the gaps are blocked in a fire-rated area, and that these penetrations work together to stop the spread of fire.
It is ill-advised to mix and match different manufacturer products to complete a fire protection system as it will inevitably lead to poor performance as well as cancellation of any certification. Choosing a fire protection product system from a single manufacturer is an excellent way to guarantee all the products will function well with one another.
It is also necessary to choose fire protection products that will work for a variety of pipe, cable, joint and penetration hole sizes, as well as a range of materials used both indoors and outdoors. 

3. Right product for the right structure

It is critical to comprehend your site environment, as this will directly influence the performance of the fire safety measures you pick. Distinguish all the potential dangers you have to ensure against. Become familiar with the physical constraints of the building. Is it a public building with thousands of inhabitants? Is it an industrial warehouse with flammable materials inside? Be aware of the environmental conditions in and outside the building – the temperature and airflow aspects of the structure as well as equipment density and any other potential risk factors. The fire protection solutions for a specific building may largely vary.
There is no one product solution when it comes to fire protection as it is needed in a variety of different materials, structures and environments, therefore a range of fire protection products is the right solution for a complex structure.

4. Correct application – maximum protection

The quality of a product is very important, but even more essential is the correct application. Misuse of fire protection products can lead to malfunctioning and as a result – to the spread and increased damage of fire. Application of fire safety products must match the stated purpose. For example, using a large fire collar on a small pipe will lead to incomplete fire protection. To be completely sure of what product to choose for what occasion, become familiar with the documentation and application requirements provided by the manufacturer. Follow the instructions given and inquire a fire safety specialist if needed.

5. Gain insight from a professional

During the planning of a new project, before starting the building process, it is important to consult a fire safety specialist. This will guarantee the quickest and most efficient fire protection solutions for your project. A fire protection professional will provide useful recommendations on product systems and application, consultations on site, as well as inform about new solutions available on the market. Ask about solutions for your project and invite the fire safety specialist for a demonstration of product application.
Stay up to date with the newest solutions to stay safe.

Knauf FireWin is a passive fire protection system which ensures a wide range of high-quality fire protection solutions – firepaints, fire-retarding plasters and other sealings – combination of all these products helps to protect structures from fire.

FireWin system follows strict requirements for passive fire protection so that you can feel secure in your project planning and building process. The FireWin system is ideally compatible with all Knauf products to ease the whole construction process, starting from planning to the finished and fire-safe structure.

We invite you to start looking into the issues related to fire safety and to address Knauf FireWin specialists to find the offer most suitable for you!

Trust Knauf. Feel safe.

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