Knauf Firewin



The gypsum-based plaster for interior use developed especially for passive fire safety is ideal for steel and reinforced concrete beams and supports, for reinforced concrete ceilings and walls and for com- posite concrete and steel with trapezoidal steel plates. There are many possible uses. For example, you can use Knauf Vermiplaster for designing production halls and warehouses, in office buildings to protect support structures and ceilings, in shopping malls without suspended ceilings to protect the supporting elements or to protect additional struts when reconstruction work is being carried out.

How you benefit

  • Reliable fire safety for 30 to 180 minutes
  • No primer needed
  • Costs cut thanks to little loss when  applying
  • Low weight, low layer thickness and high yield
  • Easy to apply with  PFT G4 or PFT G5 machines
  • High level of fire safety for complicated shapes  and for more simple structures
  • Consistent fire safety throughout  the entire u tilisation period of the building without any repainting
  • Also suitable for food stores
  • Excellent adhesion  to steel, trapezoidal steel and concrete
  • CE certification and ETA 11/0229

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