Knauf Firewin


FPC panel

Knauf FPC Panel has been designed to maintain the fire resistance of separating walls and floors where they are breached by single or multiple building services. The panel consists of a stone wool core, sealed with Knauf FPC Coating on 1 or both faces.
Selection of the panel coated on 1 or both faces is determined by installation considerations and fire resistance requirements.
When installed on site, Knauf FPC Panel should be used with Knauf FPA Acrylic for sealing around service penetrations and the adjacent separating construction.

How you benefit

  • Classified for all types of constructions with or without building service penetrations
  • Simple and very quick to install
  • Permanently flexible - will accommodate movements during fire and smaller movements in the construction it has been fitted within
  • Halogen free with added fungicides
  • Fire resistance up to EI240
  • ETA 18/0928
  • EAD 350141-00-1104

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