Knauf Firewin



This passive fire-retarding plaster on a cement basis is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Steel supports and beams in unheated production halls and warehouses, in high-rise buildings and office blocks, shopping malls, pools and underground car parks as well as for protecting additional struts when carrying out reconstruction work – these are only a few of the possible areas in which you can enjoy the benefits of Knauf Sibaterm.

How you benefit

  • Reliable fire safety for 30 to 180 minutes
  • Costs cut thanks to little loss when  applying
  • High level of fire safety for complicated shapes, and for more simple structures
  • Excellent adhesion  to steel
  • Easy to apply with  PFT Multimix and PFT Swing plastering machines
  • High U / A ratio
  • Use outdoors and in rooms with a high air humidity level
  • Consistent fire safety throughout  the entire utilisation period of the building  without any repainting
  • Low weight, low consumption and high yield
  • ETAG 018-3

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