Knauf Firewin


Firecollar FIREWIN M

60-mm stainless steel fire protection collar for multi-layer composite piping, cable, aluminium, copper and steel piping and for
electric wires – with or without insulation in the concrete, aerated concrete and gypsum. Suitable for pipe diameters of 40 to 160 mm. Provides fire safety for up to 90 minutes.

How you benefit

  • Zero gap to adjacent collars
  • Solutions for any popular pipes, insulation materials and combinations – in walls and ceilings
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Low construction  height
  • Suitable for installation in a large number of support structures and soft bulkhead systems
  • Sleeve  fitting and slanted placements possible
  • U / U OPEN / OPEN checked – it is therefore not possible to make mistakes when installing
  • Nirosta casing
  • CE certification and ETA 13/0758

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